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Respectable customers and visitors,

"A good designer develops big ideas, graphic concepts and technical designs that achieve Target's overall product strategy, quality and financial objectives. Who creates profitable, exclusive, owned-brand merchandise."

We welcome you to "evergreen" , "newlook" , "evernice"and "evergreentextile" for the purchase of surface print textile designs of your own choice. All designs in our websites are new, not copied from anywhere else, neither scanned. These designs are the result of our personal struggle of day and night, and are not created by any commercial software. We are introducing a "new look" with new trend of choice.

The main characteristics of designs are:

·       All designs are created mathematically and geometrically in a perfect way.

·       All designs are repetitive perfectly on four edges.

·       Designs have fast colors, means there is no interaction of different colored pixels among each other.

·       Wide range of similarly related designs in one color give better choice for setting designs in different layout, for example making borders etc.

·       It is also helpful in designing dresses, bed spreads, duvet covers, duvet lining, matching pillows, cushions and curtains. Some designs can be used for matching wallpapers and even floor mats.

·       Some designs can be printed in glittering colors for dresses, matching bags and shoes.

I hope you will like our creation. Please give feedback, how these designs look after printing and how much cloth look graceful. It will help us in improving designing according to your need. The websites will continue to expand gradually as we want to give you lot of new, good looking nice colored designs.

With best wishes

Samon Malai

Beena Aziz