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Dicotyledons | Dicots (Magnoliopsida)



Plant taxonomy is the science that finds, identifies, describes, classifies, and names plants. Thus making it one of the main branches of taxonomy(the science that finds, describes, classifies, and names living things).

Plant taxonomy is closely allied to plant systematics, and there is no sharp boundary between the two. In practice, "Plant systematics" involves relationships between plants and their evolution, especially at the higher levels, whereas "plant taxonomy" deals with the actual handling of plant specimens. The precise relationship between taxonomy and systematics, however, has changed along with the goals and methods employed.

 Welcome! to plant type taxonomy guide, currently showing is the Class Magnoliopsida (scientific name), commonly known as Dicotyledons | Dicots. Magnoliopsida is a member of the Division Magnoliophyta (Flowering Plants).

·     Kingdom: Plants (Plantae)
·     : Flowering Plants (Magnoliophyta)
·     : Dicotyledons | Dicots (Magnoliopsida)
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·      Ebenales (Ebenales)
Storax Family, Sapodilla Family, Sweetleaf Family

·      Rhizophorales (Rhizophorales)
Red Mangrove Family

·      Piperales (Piperales)
Chloranthus Family, Lizard's-tail Family, Pepper Family

·      Aristolochiales (Aristolochiales)
Birthwort Family

·      Illiciales (Illiciales)   
Star-anise Family, Schisandra Family

·      Callitrichales (Callitrichales)
Mare's-tail Family, Water-starwort Family

·      Haloragales (Haloragales)
Water Milfoil Family, Gunnera Family

·      Cornales (Cornales)
Silk Tassel Family, Dogwood Family

·      Hamamelidales (Hamamelidales)
Witch-hazel Family, Plane-tree Family, Katsura-tree Family

·      Fagales (Fagales)
Beech Family, Birch Family

·      Campanulales (Campanulales)
Bellflower Family, Goodenia Family, Spenoclea Family

·      Diapensiales (Diapensiales)
Diapensia Family

·      Polygalales (Polygalales)
Barbados Cherry Family, Krameria Family, Milkwort Family

·      Magnoliales (Magnoliales)
Custard-apple Family, Nutmeg Family, Magnolia Family

·      Juglandales (Juglandales)
Walnut Family

·      Dipsacales (Dipsacales)
Teasel Family, Honeysuckle Family, Valerian Family

·      Podostemales (Podostemales)
River-weed Family

·      Rafflesiales (Rafflesiales)
Rafflesia Family

·      Salicales (Salicales)
Willow Family

·      Casuarinales (Casuarinales)
She-oak Family

·      Batales (Batales)
Saltwort Family

·      Calycerales (Calycerales)
Calycera Family

·      Dilleniales (Dilleniales)
Peony Family, Dillenia Family

·      Nepenthales (Nepenthales)
East Indian Pitcher-plant Family, Pitcher-plant Family, Sundew Family

·      Leitneriales (Leitneriales)
Corkwood Family

·      Lecythidales (Lecythidales)
Brazil-nut Family

·      Plumbaginales (Plumbaginales)
Leadwort Family

·      Plantaginales (Plantaginales)
Plantain Family

·      Myricales (Myricales)
Bayberry Family

·      Nymphaeales (Nymphaeales)
Water-lily Family, Lotus-lily Family, Hornwort Family

·      Euphorbiales (Euphorbiales)
Spurge Family, Boxwood Family, Jojoba Family

·      Malvales (Malvales)
Kopak-tree Family, Elaeocarpus Family, Linden Family

·      Lamiales (Lamiales)
Verbena Family, Borage Family, Mint Family

·      Gentianales (Gentianales)
Dogbane Family, Milkweed Family, Gentian Family

·      Scrophulariales (Scrophulariales)
Acanthus Family, Broom-rape Family, Butterfly-bush Family

·      Theales (Theales)
Waterwort Family, Tea Family, Mangosteen Family

·      Rhamnales (Rhamnales)
Oleaster Family, Buckthorn Family, Grape Family

·      Rosales (Rosales)
Stonecrop Family, Suriana Family, Rose Family

·      Caryophyllales (Caryophyllales)
Cactus Family, Goosefoot Family, Pink Family

·      Violales (Violales)
Cucumber Family, Flacourtia Family, Loasa Family

·      Fabales (Fabales)
Pea Family

·      Urticales (Urticales)
Elm Family, Nettle Family, Mulberry Family

·      Ericales (Ericales)
Heath Family, Crowberry Family, Indian Pipe Family

·      Asterales (Asterales)
Aster Family

·      Myrtales (Myrtales)
Mezereum Family, Evening Primrose Family, Myrtle Family

·      Papaverales (Papaverales)
Fumitory Family, Poppy Family

·      Geraniales (Geraniales)
Geranium Family, Meadow-Foam Family, Touch-me-not Family

·      Rubiales (Rubiales)
Madder Family

·      Capparales (Capparales)
Mustard Family, Caper Family, Horse-radish Tree Family

·      Linales (Linales) 
Coca Family, Flax Family

·      Celastrales (Celastrales)
Bittersweet Family, Hippocratea Family, Icacina Family

·      Santalales (Santalales)
Catkin-mistletoe Family, Sandalwood Family, Olax Family

·      Polygonales (Polygonales)
Buckwheat Family

·      Proteales (Proteales)
Protea Family

·      Solanales (Solanales)
Waterleaf Family, Phlox Family, Morning-glory Family

·      Apiales (Apiales)
Ginseng Family, Carrot Family

·      Laurales (Laurales)
Laurel Family, Hernandia Family, Monimia Family

·      Ranunculales (Ranunculales)
Buttercup Family, Barberry Family, Moonseed Family

·      Primulales (Primulales)
Myrsine Family, Primrose Family, Theophrasta Family

·      Sapindales (Sapindales)
Rue Family, Mahogany Family, Soapberry Family

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