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This book on the Cryptogamic portion of B.Sc. and higher level is useful from the students' s point of view and will help in stimulating the interest of the reader in this useful and important branch of Botany. Besides giving the vegetative and floral characters of each family in details, representative types of each family are described fully along with their floral formulae. At the end of each family, its economic importance and distinguishing characters are given for ready reference.

Purpose for writing this book:

When i was B.Sc. student, i often felt difficulty in plants identification as well in plants collection, as there was no botanical garden.This book was covering syllabi of not only the Degree but also the Postgraduate Courses of some Universities. It is in my use since 1980, now i updated it on computer. I added related plants photo images and illustrations, so that students can easily identify different plants even when there is no flowering season or no plants are avail in the field.

This book comprises introduction + 8 volumes with related plants photo albums. In this book only small sized images could be given but i created related plants photo albums with larger images describing:






I hope this style will be very useful for students.

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