Samon Malai's Creative Work

Microsoft Developer

My Main Projects are:

     1.    Surface print Textile designing.

Computer is a useful machine and Microsoft Softwares make it more useful and easier to work. I realized that in textile designing Microsoft Windows Paint can bring a revolution and it will be helpful in textile industry. I started work on designing in new way without using any other software. I have created thousands of surface print fabric designs for dresses, curtains, bedspreads, duvet covers, pillows, cushions, carpet runners and for floor mats etc.

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 evergreentextile      evernicetextile   evergreen textile designs 

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One surface print fabric Design in One Thousand colors by Samon Malai

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     2.    Surface print designs for Stationery.

I created very beautiful thousands of designs for printing diaries, notepads, notebook covers for students, offices and for common use, this project is useful for publishers. These designs can be used for printing gift wrappers, in making printed bags etc.

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Beautiful creation for multipurpose + wall papers.

     3.    Microsoft Office Word custom Textures and Patterns.

Microsoft provides softwares to people, it is our esthetic sense how we use different options in our work to display it usefully, beautifully and attractively, especially for raising student’s interest in working on Microsoft Office Word documents. These custom themes can be used for writing, making Photo albums, using in presenting wishes to others and many more……….

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     4.    250 Years Calendar.

I created this beautiful calendar on Windows xp paint and Microsoft Office Word.

View:  250 years Calendar

     5.    Happy day flowering cards for school students.

I created these cards for two reasons, one is to encourage students to take interest in flowering plants, second to learn to use Windows paint fonts in different ways, like how to create 3D effect, more over to use different tools options.

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Happy day flowering cards on Microsoft Office Word.  Page:  1  |   2

     6.    God’s name printable cards created on Windows 7 paint.

“God or Allah” is a name we are using for the same power who created universe. We are living in global world, we have to differentiate in right and wrong, in good and bad, and teach our children from childhood to obey rules in home, in learning institutions, then in institutions where we work, obey our national rules and then obey international rules in order to contribute for the peace of world. 


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