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• Veronica (speedwell) • Veronicastrum • Verticordia • Vestia • Viburnum • Victoria (Giant Waterlily) • Vigna (cowpea and various beans) • Viguiera • Vinca (periwinkle) • Viola (pansy, violet) • Virgilia • Viscaria • Vitaliana • Vitex • Vitis (grape) • Vriesea





‚Äč• Vaccinium (blueberry, cranberry, huckleberry) • Valeriana (valerian) • Vallea • Vancouveria • Vanda (an orchid genus) • Vanilla • Veitchia • Vellozia • Veltheimia • Venidium (cape daisy and others) • Veratrum • Verbascum (mullein) • Verbena • Vernonia (ironweed)